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Dubai as a platform for the World’s Greatest Apps

Create Apps in Dubai

A Dubai government initative that aims to enrich Dubai’s position as leading city of App economy by 2025. The aim is to create a strong community of Emarati coders that will have the ability to leverage on their future

Dubai has proven itself to create the best nurturing ecosystem to facilitate and build digital services, therefore we open the door to the dreamers, mavericks, and creators to build new digital models, and applications that can service Dubai.


Access to
Free Training

Be a part of incubator and accelerator programs

Opportunity to create
your own digital venture

Access to
events, workshops and seminars
that help your idea grow

on the best practices in creating applications

to help you kick-start your new business

Participate in
competitions and hackathons
throughout the year


We aim to equip the next Emarati generation with the necassary skills that will unlock their potential, and their future.

CreateApps in Dubai, will provide the necassary training, and development that is necassary to create a new app. This is through various partnership with lead industry players. Createapps in Dubai will facilitate the support in building new ventures from those apps through dedicated programs, and events that will help ignite those ideas to the market.

The journey

We understand that creating something from scratch will require tremendous effort. However, we also know that a 1000 mile journey start with a simple step. Therefore, we want to show you how simple is to create an app in few steps!

With these simple steps, you will be able to build a new generation of apps.

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